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Ainoa Cabada

Versión 2

Aloha! I am Ainoa, unfortunately I am not from Hawaii but I have always used ‘Aloha’ to say ‘hello’ to my closest friends and family. The funny thing is this word does not mean only ‘hello’, it originally meant ‘love’, ‘affection’, ‘compassion’ and ‘peace’, which is really cool and is in many ways related to the ideas in this blog.

I studied Philosophy and a masters in Human Rights. I am driven and sometimes incomprehensible. The tale says that in my depth, there is someone funny and cute. I love black chocolate and walking without shoes along the beach.

Simon’s comments about Ainoa

As you may have guessed, I first met Ainoa in Spain. Specifically the city of Valencia when we were both participating in University Study exchanges, myself from Australia and her from Galicia.

Ainoa’s determination and enthusiasm once she has an idea formed in her mind is both exciting and scary, but ultimately rewarding. Such an idea, as you might have guessed is this blog, and coming home from work to whiteboards covered in ideas and plans for the first few months of a blog is a sight to behold! It is this kind of dedication that makes me believe that we can continue working and building the blog into something truly impressive, whether it be 2 readers or 100 readers.

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Simon Caldwell

Versión 4

Hello! My name is Simon and I’m here to tell you about the world! As you can see in my picture to above, I’m from Australia, a beautiful and multi cultural country yet one that is not free of political scandals and human rights abuses. I have studied International Relations at University and recently I find that as I edge ever closer to old age, I am taking a greater interest in talk back radio particularly of the political and social agenda variety. I like food particularly of the Spanish delicacy, well if I’m honest, you could just say that I have fallen in love with potatoes, olive oil and salt in no particular order. I play Basketball and Football (Australian) and enjoy the outdoors almost as much as I enjoy being inside playing countless hours of computer games.

Ainoa’s comments about Simon

Luckily, I met Simon. Pretty soon I discovered that anything and everything can happen when we put our minds to work together. We complement perfectly each other, he has the charm that I do not have. With a little bit of persuasion and luck, I have convinced him to write this blog with me. And here he is, enjoy! He is a genius!

His secret, he transforms in traffic jam.

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